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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed with simulation challenges?
Let us provide you with an immediate solution and ease your burden.

Contact us by email:

Don’t worry, I am here to provide you with a solution.

  • I have invested a lot of time and energy into learning about and developing my skills with various simulation tools and software, particularly Abaqus. Additionally, I provide access to a variety of FEA resources and tools as well as professional FEA consulting services to assist you in achieving your design objectives and enhancing your products.

  • Through the years, I've put my knowledge and experience to use by helping others use cutting-edge FEA modeling techniques to solve their virtual challenges. I have a ton of experience in a variety of fields, particularly in the design of medical implants, and I've successfully used FEA to enhance the performance of products. In order to give those looking to incorporate FEA in their own design's useful insights, I also share my experience through actual FEA case studies.

  • I'm now extending my knowledge and abilities to you in an effort to help you get the outcomes you want as soon as possible. Allow Abaqus to become your dependable success partner. I provide a variety of FEA training courses that cover Abaqus and its features in-depth as well as the most recent industry trends and best practices. By taking part in these training sessions, you'll learn how to use Abaqus to enhance your designs and accomplish your objectives.


My professionalism and dedication serve as your assurance of quality.

The internet is filled with experts in simulation and design tools, but only a select few can truly provide the solutions you require.

At NRP, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, whether you require a customized learning path or a solution to a specific problem.


We will thoroughly evaluate your situation and propose the best course of action without any bias.

Please do not hesitate to reach out by emailing us at:


  1. What is FEA consulting?

    • FEA consulting is the use of finite element analysis to help companies improve the design, performance, and safety of their products or systems.

  2. What are the benefits of FEA consulting?

    • FEA consulting can help companies save time and money by identifying potential problems with a design before it is manufactured, reducing the need for physical prototypes and testing. It can also help companies make more informed decisions about the design and performance of their products or systems.

  3. What types of FEA consulting services do you offer?

    • We offer a range of FEA consulting services, including structural analysis, thermal analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, non-linear analysis and fracture mechanics.

  4. How does the FEA consulting process work?

    • The FEA consulting process typically involves pre-analysis preparation, modeling and simulation, results interpretation, and reporting and recommendations.

  5. What industries do you serve with your FEA consulting services?

    • We serve a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and energy.

  6. What is the cost of FEA consulting services?

    • The cost of FEA consulting services can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We offer competitive pricing and are happy to provide a quote based on your specific needs.

  7. How long does the FEA consulting process take?

    • The length of the FEA consulting process can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. We will work with you to determine a timeline that meets your needs.


Ready to take the next step in improving your product designs and reliability? Contact NRP today to schedule a consultation and learn how our FEA consulting services can help. Our team is available to answer any questions and provide a quote based on your specific needs.

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